Independent Living Advocacy
promoting the empowerment of disabled people

Independent Living Advocacy Independent Living Advocacy Independent Living Advocacy Independent Living Advocacy

Our Services

ILA Ltd provides an independent advocacy, information and advice service for disabled people countywide.

We aim to:  

  • Support disabled people in partnership with other appropriate organisations to enable them to live independently.
  • Find solutions which provide disabled people with choice, flexibility and control. Work in partnership with disabled people's organisations.
  • Work in partnership with statutory, voluntary and other organisations in the best interest of our clients.
  • Provide comprehensive support and advice regarding self-management care with particular reference to Personal Budgets.
  • Provide initial support and advice regarding recruitment, employment and management of personal assistants.
  • Develop relationships with independent service providers to increase flexibility and choice for our clients.
  • Act independently and faithfully, representing the wishes of our clients. 

All assistance, advice and information we give is given in good faith. No liability is accepted or implied and responsibility for accepting assistance or acting upon advice and information given rests with the individual client.